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Progetic is an engineering company and mechanical and electrical installer. We are experts in Passivhaus- the most demanding performance-based energy standard in the construction sector. We offer a specialised engineering consultancy and design services for nearly-zero energy buildings, with a strong track-record in the design, specification, and comissioning of efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and renewable energy systems.

The Progetic team includes:

  • A senoir service engineer
  • A certified Passivhaus consultant
  • A junior service engineer
  • A junior architectural technician and certified Passivhaus Tradesperson

Our services include:

  • Engineering design for renewable energy and building automation systems
  • Installation of high efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Design and consultancy for Passivhaus and nearly-zero energy (nZEB) buildings
  • Dynamic simulation and performance optimisation
  • Building physics, thermal bridge calculations and hygrothermal analysis of building structures
  • EPC energy certification of existing and new buildings 
  • Energy and environmental performance monitoring
  • Energy audits