nZEB Progetic


Residential buildings, tertiary buildings and Industrial buildings

Our clients are part of the following sectors:

Residential buildings. Single-family, multi-family and residential complexes for students and elderly people; for new build or retrofit.

Tertiary buildings. Office buildings, hotels, summer resorts, educational centres, sports centres, shops and commercial buildings, corporate buildings; for new build or retrofit.

Industrial buildings. In industrial buildings we work on everything that affects mechanical and electrical systems, as well as energy efficiency improvements of the thermal envelope.

We offer the following services:

  • Passivhaus consultancy and certification, energy consultancy for nZEB buildings, energy simulation with PHPP, thermodynamic and daylight simulation with Design Builder, calculation of thermal bridges and optimization of construction details, analysis and elimination interstitial and surface condensation risk with WUFI.
  • M & E engineering: renewable energy, air conditioning, space heating, hot water production, ventilation, plumbing, waste water, electricity, telecommunications, control and home automation.
  • Design and installation of photovoltaic installations for self-consumption.
  • Advice on air tightness of the building and Blow Blower Testing.
  • Integration of control and home automation systems.
  • Energy monitoring for buildings and systems.
  • Energy audits with study of improvements and technical proposals.
  • Activity licenses.
  • Energy certification according to Spanish building regulations
  • BREEAM, LEED, VERDE certification.
  • Site supervision for Passivhaus and nZEB buildings, and for M & E systems.