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Nearly-zero energy Buildings, nZEB

A nearly-zero energy building (nZEB) is a building with very high energy performance, in which the small amount of energy required is generated largely from on-site renewable sources.

The first step to achieving an nZEB centres on reducing energy demand and maximising comfort using passive systems (thermal insulation, high performance windows, shading devices, natural ventilation, thermal inertia, air tightness, elimination of thermal bridges…). Progetic provides specialised consultancy services for optimising the passive design of a building: thermo-dynamic energy simulation with DesignBuilder / EnergyPlus; daylighting analysis with Radiance; dynamic hygrothermal analysis of building structures with WUFI; 2D and 3D thermal bridge analysis to reduce heat flow at junctions and minimise the risk of moisture damage. We undertake airtightness “Blower Door” testing, to UNE-EN 13829 and Passivhaus protocols.

Once the building fabric has been optimised, efficient active systems are designed to meet cooling, heating, ventilation, and domestic hot water requirements, together with on-site renewable energy generation. The objective is to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment and turn buildings into distributed centres of renewable energy generation, providing the grid with greater resilience in the face of today and tomorrow’s environmental challenges. We provide integrated engineering design services for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, renewable energy, control and building automation systems.

Our technical solvency in the field of nearly-zero energy buildings means we can add value at any phase in the project, bringing cost-optimum solutions to our clients. We provide site supervision services for both thermal envelope and mechanical and electrical systems, to make sure what we have designed, works in practice.

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