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MEP installation, nZEB home, Terrassa, Barcelona



MEP engineering design & installation for a terraced home in Terrassa, Barcelona

Progetic has undertaken the design and installation of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, including:

  - Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery with a Zehnder Comfoair Q450

  - Underfloor heating and cooling  with a Zehnder ComfoDew dehumidifier/heating/cooling coil in the supply air stream of the mechanical ventilation system, powered by a Rotex HSPU Compact air-source heat pump with a nominal power of 8kW

  - Domestic hot water production with the same Rotex air-source heat pump, with instantaneous hot water production and a 300 l tank.

  - Loxone control and home automation system, integrating heat recovery ventilation, heating and cooling.

  - Plumbing, water supply, waste water, telecommunications, electrical and lighting systems.

Dwelling with "A" energy certification.