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Energy consultancy & M&E Design, single family home, Barcelona



Energy consultancy and M&E design, low-energy home renovation, Barcelona.

Project undertaken with architect Lucia Olano.


     -   Energy modelling with PHPP and passive fabric design following Passivhaus principles

     -   Air-tightness design and specification

     -   Thermal bridge calculation and analysis to ISO 10211with Dartwin Mold Pro.

     -   Interstitial condensation calculation and analysis to ISO 13788 with Dartwin Mold Pro.

     -   DHW system design and specification with Rotex-HPSU Compact air-source heat pump unit

     -   MVHR system design and specification, with Zehnder ComfoAir heat recovery ventilation unit.

     -   Radiant floor system design and specification for heating and cooling.

     -   Home automation and system integration and control with Loxone automation system.