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Carrer Nou: winner, Sustainable Retrofit Award 2018


The Passivhaus retrofit of a multi-family residential building in Carrer Nou, Girona, wins the Sustainable Retrofit Award of Construction 21's Green Solutions Awards 2018.

Carrer Nou is an abitious deep-energy retrofit project of a multi-family residential building in the city centre of Girona, Catalonia, Spain, completed in 2017. Progetic delivered the Passivhaus design and control systems engineering for heating, cooling and ventilation. The project was certified as Passivhaus EnerPHit by Energiehaus Arquitectos

Carrer Nou is the first multi-family residential building in Catalonia to achieve EnerPHit certification, and is located in the historic center of the city of Girona. The work began in the summer of 2016 and ended a year later. The building dates back to 1978 and has a protected façade, meaning only internal insulation could be applied.

Architectural design was done by Jordi Rodríguez-Roda from LPR Arquitectes. The project was developed by the MBD Real Estate Group with contractors Construccions Busquets Vilobí.
The building has a gross floor area of 1038 m2 over 5 floors. An internal insulation system was designed using dynamic hygrothermal modelling with WUFI, together with 2D finite elements heat flow analysis, to asses risk from moisture damage. The airtight layer was designed on a floor-by-floor basis.


Heating and cooling is provided by radiant ceiling panels together with a heating/cooling coil on the supply air of the mechanical ventilation system. An air-source heat pump generates thermal energy. The different components are integrated through a web-server based Loxone control system. 

The Spanish platform of Construction21 is managed by the Cátedra UNESCO de Ciclo de Vida y Cambio Climático ESCI-UPF, and forms a part of the international Construction21 platform. The Green Solutions Awards jury, made up of 12 experts in sustainable building, valued the innovative nature of the project, performance and cost-effectiveness, and above all, the practical demonstration that deep energy retrofitting is technically and economically feasible.

¡Congratulations to all the team who worked in the project!

More info: Construction21