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Carrer Nou multi-storey residential building achieves Passivhaus EnerPHit Certification
















Carrer Nou multi-storey building reaches Passivhaus EnerPHit Certification

Carrer Nou is Catalonia’s first multi-storey residential EnerPHit building, situated in the historic centre of Girona. Work on-site began in August 2016 and was completed a year later. Dating from 1978, the building’s external walls are made of extruded ceramic brick, cement-rendered to the outside and gypsum plastered inside. Internal floors are terrazzo over concrete beam and block. 

In the historic center of Girona, the Carrer Nou multi-storey residential building has been certified with the EnerPHit seal by  EnergiehausArquitectos, with Progetic undertaking Passivhaus design and consultancy. This makes it the first residential multi-storey building in Spain to achieve Passivhaus Certification for retrofitted buildings. 

López-Pedrero-Roda Architects delivered the architectural design. The project was developed by MBD Real Estate Groupand built by Construccions Busquets Vilobí.

The retrofitted building has a gross floor area of 1,038 m2 built over 6 floors. The project had to maintain the exterior facade, so thermal insulation had to be installed internally, with special measures taken to reduce thermal bridges and air leaks.



In order to comply with certification requirements and guarantee an optimal thermal envelope, dynamic calculations of interstitial condensation risk were carried out using the WUFI-PRO software from the Fraunhofer Institut. Each apartment is equipped with a balanced mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, with heating and cooling provided by a radiant ceiling system together with a heating/cooling/dehumidification coil on the supply air stream. The system is controlled with a Loxone domotics system. Window and apartment layouts have been optimized to ensure natural ventilation in summer and thereby minimize the cooling energy consumption.

The certification demonstrates that deep energy retrofitting in Spain has come of age, being both technically and economically viable. Congratulations to all those involved!